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Customised-T Shirts

A customised t shirt is a gift that will remind your guests of your special event over and over again!

It has always been tradition to give guests favours to thank them for attending and being a part of an occasion or event that is special and close to your heart. It began with weddings and bridal showers and later spread to other formal occasions like engagement parties, anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, christening, retirement parties, Halloween and other social gatherings. Customised t shirts are the perfect party favour to give at your event as it allows you to personalise the gift to each individual recipient.

Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, Author of ‘The Party Planner: An Expert Organizing Guide for Entertaining’, explains,

The idea of sending guests away with something to remember the evening by is a wonderful tradition.’ She adds, ‘I always leave room in my budget to have a parting gift.

Most people underestimate the importance of favours which are a symbol of the appreciation and gratitude from hosts to their guests. Guests cherish and love favours as they create a unique bond with their hosts.

Susan RoAne, author of ‘How to Work a Room’ says that,

People can forgive a dish they don’t like, but if there isn’t warmth from the host, that’s a little less forgivable.

To make the special day stand out and be remembered, it is important to decide on a favour which can be kept as a special keepsake of the day.

According to Diane Warner, author of Big Book of Parties,

the secret to a successful party is, ‘not to be as concerned about being the quintessential hostess as you are about showing each guest you care from the moment they arrive until the last goodbye.

At most parties, favours are chocolates, sweets, bubbles, stickers, candles, lip balms, party hats, blowout and noise makers, containers, notepads and things that perish easily. Favours should be meaningful, practical and long lasting.

Custom t shirts are the perfect party favour to thank your guests. A Personalised t shirt will keep the party fun and exciting. Your t shirt could have your own pictures, slogans, names, cartoon characters, themes etc, the choice is endless. Another advantage is that custom t shirts are suitable for all age groups so you don’t have to stress on thinking about separate favours for children and adults.

Be brave and think outside of the box with how you customise the t shirts. Surprise your guests by designing the t shirts in a way that reminds them of why they are so special.

Pat Towers, O’s features director, says that,

When there’s another aspect brought into the familiar, it gets people stimulated, puts them on their toes, she adds, And then we see the best in each other and are reminded why we like one another so much.

The gesture of a personalised t shirt as a party favour is guaranteed to create a lasting impression on every guest that atends your event for a long time.

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