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There is no one more creative and hilarious at designing custom t shirts than our own customers!

As you know, here at Wuggle® our talented design team have created 1000’s of designs for our customers to choose from at

However, we are never ceased to be amazed and quite frankly amused at what our customers themselves have requested to be printed on our custom t shirt ranges over the years!

Now it has to be said not all these designs are squeaky clean in terms of their content but nevertheless in all honesty they still have us rolling around the office in stitches. :)

From the rude to the bizarre to the damn right ridiculous just when we think we’ve seen it all! – out pops more comedy gold from the imaginations of our hilarious customers! We salute you!

So without further a do…we are going to lift the lid on the World of Wuggle® over the coming weeks by sharing a few of the hilarious custom t shirts designs our customers have requested (and we hope to give you a bit of a chuckle along the way at the very least, hehe ;)

Funny T Shirts

Yes, sit on my face and peddle my ears…

There is no way our design team could have come up with this one.

No matter how busy they were through the night…


Keep Calm T Shirts

Yes…it’s the subtle designs which are often the best.

We presume the person who designed this is flailing their arms around

running through the streets in a mad panic somewhere…


I Love T Shirts

Come on! Who doesn’t love cockrel?

With all those feathers and everything, their so cute!

I just wanna tell the world I love them old cocks, running around chirping away…

Great gift for the grandma me thinks…




Keep checking back for hilarious custom t shirts from Wuggle®

And there’s plenty more custom t shirts designs where those little numbers came from…check our blog over the coming weeks for more from our comedy gold customers in the World of Wuggle®